The Bears of Babylon 5


Ambearsador G'Bar,


Teddylenn the Minbeari,


Fur Cotto the Cenpawri, aka Embearor Fur

These are my second round of B5 bears, since the first round (below) was somewhat less than successful. They
sit approximately 12" high, and are all made from the same pattern, with suitable modifications. I sold all of them
at the 2000 Worldcon Art Show in Chicago.


 The First Round


Teddylenn I, G’Bar I, Fur Cotto I (not an embearor)

These bears are about 11" tall. The pattern is a modified version of Carol Cruise's very simple bear.
Because of its simplicity, it is difficult to modify successfully.

Centauri cat Quacko Mallardi



Quacko Mallardi

A Centauri cat?
("…like being nibbled to death by…cats")

Quacko is 11" tall, including the hair. He is based on a design by Gillian Bradshaw.

I sold him at the 2000 Worldcon Art Show, also.

I used this pattern again for the Starduck.





The Whole Family

Teddylenn II, Fur II, Fur I (rear), G'Bar II, G'Bar I (rear)

Teddylenn I is not present because she was sold at the 1998 Worldcon Art Show. Quacko was made later.



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