Three Pairs of Bears


non-identical twin bears

Gladly* and Moonbeam
(*the cross-eyed bear)

Believe it or not, these two bears are made from exactly the same pattern. (The same pattern I used for my
Vulcan bear and for Chutney.) Gladly is about 9" tall, Moonbeam more like 10". Moonbeam's fur is a bit plusher,
but that alone does not account for the difference in size--or shape. So what does? You've got me there.


Embearor Fur of the Cenpawri and Pawline the Libearian

The same basic pattern and the same fur, but different sizes and accessories. Fur II is the original design (well, plus the
hairpiece). Pawline's nose and arms are slightly modified, and the lighter muzzle gives a little more definition to her face.

Christmas Bears

These velvet bears are tiny--only 7 inches tall. The pattern is almost too simple. The green one in particular
has such a pointy nose that I was tempted to put a tail on it and declare it a mouse.


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