Un- Finished Objects

Bears and Other Stuffed Animals

The intermediate stages of a project can be as interesting as the finished product.
Here are a few examples. 

Growl's head


Growl Dukat Getting the cord on his head and neck was kind of tricky. The loose ends in this picture are destined to go across his shoulders and be chopped off to an appropriate length.


Below: Growl looks a bit like an octopus before his side seam is done.






roadkill or flatcat? you be the judge




Shaggy Katz Without head or stuffing, this shaggy katz is revealed as a two-dimensional flat-cat. (From Mars, maybe?) Or, as I call this picture: "roadkill."



headless horsebear of Cenpawri prime


Fur II From the instructions for the basic bear pattern: "Turn [body] right-side out. Admire. Set aside." In fact, the admiration is the only reason for turning the body right-side out at this point--it has to be wrong-side out to attach the head later.

Finished product

Below: Even without the back of his head, Fur II had personality.

face to face with a Cenpawri embearor





Below: Patches was built up out of 61 individual pieces. Each pattern piece used from 2-5 different fabrics.

Finished bear





Below: Bearelzebub in pieces

Fully assembled bear



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Below: Chimera cat pieces (finished cat).










inner legs


right side


left side

Calico Calico pieces (finished cat)


left side

right side