Calico Kitten and Cats

The same basic pattern as the firecat and the cute kittens, but with obvious alterations.
I used this as an artist demonstration at the 2008 Worldcon in Denver.

(A few decades from now, a geneticist figures out how to give cats the genes for green and/or blue. She is still working on purple when new government regulations shut down her research.)

Dilly is the same basic pattern as Starbuck. Her green fur has white tips and washes out in photographs; look at her left ear, the middle of her bak, her left hind left, her right front leg, and the middle of her tail. (More pictures below.)


(See the bottom of the page for another, quite different, calico cat.)




This cat, about 10" tall, is made from two fabrics, each of which has white in addition to gradations of the base color. The fur is stringy but soft. The eyes are teal.
This is the same basic pattern as the tuxedo cats and the green tabby. (See below for side views.)



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