Fantasy Animals

I sold all three of these animals at the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention Art Show in Philadelphia.

Lord Arktos the Centaur

Lord Arktos stands about 15 inches high. The upper (teddy bear) half is my own design; the bottom (horse) half is from a book. I reused the body pattern for a "buntaur."




Peggy Puss

Peggy is 10" tall. The basic cat pattern came from a book, and I copied the wings from a gargoyle that I bought a while ago. My brother used to insist that her species was more properly known as a "catbird."


Vassily the Vambear



Vassily the Vambear

Vassily is a larger version of my original design, with jointed arms and legs. He sits about 12" high. (There's another vampire on the next page.)







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