I sold both furries at the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention Art Show in Philadelphia.

Obearon, King of the Furries

Obearon's arms and legs are fully jointed. He sits 9.5" high and stands 11.5" high. Although the color doesn't show up well in these pictures, his wings, muzzle, and feet are (royal) purple. His head is borrowed from the cat pattern I used for Peggy Puss,
but the rest of him is my own design--the first animal I ever designed from scratch, rather than adapting an existing pattern.


Cedric, the "Blue" Furry

Cedric is about the same height as Obearon, but fatter. His arms and head are jointed, but his legs are not. The body pattern is the same one I used for my first pair of bears and for T'Paw; the head is a smaller version of the one from my second round of Babylon 5 bears. In person, he is even more depressed-looking than this picture shows.


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