Glass Pendants

Lampwork glass, a little over an inch in diameter.
Made at the Corning Museum of Glass in October 2014.
Unlike the rest of the glass-making projects I did in Corning, this was all me
(with a lot of instruction and a very tiny bit of help from the instructor).
I hadn't started beading at the time, so I just hung this from a cord. I should revisit that.

Below, two series of fused glass pendants from the local DIY pottery and glass place:

In 2012, I took a glass on making fused glass. The final projects was pendants.
The far left and the center are dichroic glass, which changes color when viewed from different angles.
The two on the right are millefiore glass on swirled backgrounds.
I kept the center one for myself; the other four were Christmas presents.

In 2015, the local DIY pottery and glass place had a glasss-making blowout evening.
I made a bunch of stuff, including these eight pendants. The three right ones on the bottom row are dichroic glass.
The center of those (the orange one) I put on a beaded necklace last year, as a present for my sister.
Several of the others were previously given as Christmas presents as-is.
The rest I will probably put on beaded necklaces eventually, either for myself or as more presents.

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