Ahmed the Mayhaps is about 7" in diameter.
He is a plush version of a college-radio program mascot,
commissioned by one of the presenters.
(See below for more mayhapses.)

The raspberry mayhaps is the same size as Ahmed; the olive is a scaled down mini version.

The gray striped one (below) is also full size. The Dalmatian-spotted (further below) is another mini.

I sold the olive and the striped mayhapses at the 2012 Lunacon art show, the Dalmatian mayhaps at the 2012 Worldcon in Chicago, and the raspberry one at the 2013 Lunacon.


The spines on the olive, striped, and Dalmatian mayhapses are made of felt rather than fur. Note the color gradations.

I plan to use felt spines on future mayhapses as well.


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