Quilted Throw Pillows


These first two are stuffed with polyester fiberfill, which I also use for teddy bears, etc. They are both 12" square.


My own applique design, from the traditional tragedy/comedy masks of theatre.

Tessellated plusses, for the mathematically inclined. My own design, which I also used for placemats.


These next three are zippered covers over pillowforms. Two are 16" square, the third is 14".

butterfly pillow

spinrack pillow



Design from Berte Hilberg's Patchwork Planner. I also used this for the border of my bedspread.



An original design, inspired by an ad in Publishers Weekly for a book display rack.


Another design from Patchwork Planner.


A 16" square printed panel, lightly quilted.
The back is two overlapping pieces.


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