Un- Finished Objects 's


The intermediate stages of a project can be as interesting as the finished product.
Here are a few examples. 

Lizards My second Escher quilt, which I finally finished.

head triangle for Lizards quilt

head trapezoids for Lizards quilt

(Above) One of four identical "head triangles." The lizards' heads and forelegs can be clearly seen. (Below) A "tail triangle."

Each triangle (above and below) consists of three trapezoids. It takes practice to see how they fit together.



Match a head and a tail triangle, and a complete lizard can be seen clearly.


background of dragonslayer quilt


The applique on this quilt is built up in layers. The light blue sky is the actual background on which all the other fabrics are placed. Here is the landscape before the knight and dragon were added.

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