Star Trek Menagerie

"Live long and paw-sper"

 Growl Dukat, T'Paw, Khodiak, Prr'ttau, Bearg

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2 Vulcans--a cat and a bear

Prr'ttau the Vulcat

9" tall, including the ears, Prr'ttau is basically a green kitten with a jointed neck.

T'Paw of Vulcan

Approx. 10" tall, T'Paw is a jointed version of my first pair of bears, with suitable modifications.

I sold both Vulcans at the 2000 Worldcon Art Show in Chicago.


Khodiak of Klingon

Approx. 10" tall, Khodiak is a scaled-down version of my second round of Babylon 5 bears, with
the head pattern that I used for Obearon and others. He is actually brown, but very dark.

I also sold Khodiak at the 2000 Worldcon Art Show.








Growl Dukat the Bearassian

Growl is the same body pattern as Khodiak II (above), with the original head pattern. He was commissioned by, and sold to, my friend Faye.

Even unfinished, Growl was pretty cute.

Bearak the Bearassian

Faye wanted another Bearassian; Bearak is the result. He is a near-duplicate of Growl Dukat, but with different cording on his head and neck. Despite how they look in these photos, their fur is in fact the same color.


("Oh, bother," said the Borg. "We've assimilated Pooh.")

The same size and pattern as Growl Dukat (above), with a few modifications, such as a "mechanical" arm. That thing around his neck is the insides of a car alarm control; his left eye is an 8-volt battery. Faye insisted on buying him, too.

Bearg Two

Believe it or not, both Beargs are the same fur. Two has a redesigned head, but the same body pattern. He is wearing a silvery collar to disguise an overly thin neck, with electronic-y bits from the insides of a broken clock attached. Pressing the center of his left eye makes his nose flash and play "It's a Small World After All." Interminably.

I sold him at the 2004 Worldcon Art Show.

black and cream plush corgi with silver cheek and leg and mechanical eye

Locuteness of Corg About 8" long,
this cute little corgi has been assimilated
by the Borg.

The same pattern as the supercorgi.



Andorian Sits about 9" tall, the same pattern as Obearon, Bruno and Scully. The fur is white with a blue backing.




Andorian, Klingon, and Vulcan bunnies
(This is a different blue and white fur than the Andorian bear above.)
The same pattern as the rabbit warrior, with minor adjustments, including weighted butts so they stand up straighter.
The Klingon has a wrinkled forehead and the Vulcan has pointy ears, but both are too subtle to show up well.
I sold the Andorian bunny at the 2014 Lunacon art show.


Tribbles, about 7" long.

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